My Friend Trio, April 13, 2018

My Friend Trio

April 13, 2018

|Brian Wilcox


My absence from the blogosphere since December of 2017 is not due to a lack of writing.  Those of you who know me well may remember that I am writing a novel.  Jess and I have been working full time here in Antigua, and making plans for our exit at the end of May.  Consequently, when we do have days off together we like to find something to do together. 

So, to the quick of it! 

 This book I am writing is a labor of love.  But the going is a bit slow with working full time.  I'm excited to get on the road again and that is where I seem to find more time to write oddly enough.  The book is called TRIO.  It is a contemporary Greek Tragedy I think.  It could fit into the genre of realistic fiction quite handily (notice the impunity with which I use this adverb). 

 In essence it is a story of a man whose life has been greatly affected by a golden vase found off Knidos, Turkey.   Some of it takes place in Lindos on the island of Rhodes,  some of it in Turkey, Bulgaria, England and Switzerland.  Right now I am into it about 55,000 words, perhaps about halfway.

 To assist me in the writing I have found marvelous distractions this blog being one of them.  I have enlisted and had to learn an entire new writing program called Scrivener.  The learning curve for that has been a little steep for me but I am getting better with it all the time.  I have also joined a writer's group called Scribophile.  This offers me a chance to view and critique other authors' work as well as to have my own work critiqued.  Again, that's good for my writing.  I am working on either a website to portfolio my work or to join a site that provides that service.  Oh and did I mention that I am reworking a couple of old projects in hope of peddling them. But, back to the point of this post. 

 At this point, near to leaving the island and our jobs I feel like I can dedicate more time to TRIO.  We will have nearly a month in Maine, and after a wedding we greatly look forward to we will have serene time at the camp in Sebec.  I plan to get a good deal done there.  After that we go abroad, to Croatia.  I seem to work fairly well on the road.  I really want to tell you more of the story, but certain advices I am getting from other authors does not support it.  (Email me and I'll tell you anyway!) 

 If you have any interest, google Lindos, The Golden Vase of Knidos, and Rhodes and you will see some of the scenes present in the story.  Look for more regular blog posts as time is resurfacing from under the yoke of employment!

Thanks for reading and shoot us an email.