Short Story

Jewels of Mostar

under submission 7,185 words, 10/20/19

A young man's death during the Bosnia War in 1993 inadvertently saves a life under extraordinary circumstances in 2004.

The Dharma Wheel Rolls

Scribophile contest entry, April 2018

A look through the eyes of a villain. 1625 words


Dunc Ahn

To be Determined, 1994 http://BrianBWilcox@writerfolio.com

A young man is fed up with his job and the ennui that went with it. 13,000 words


Arastre Creek Gold

nownomadic2.com, April 2018 http://nownomadic2.com

a memory of Big Bear Lake 796 words

My Friend Trio

nownomadic2.com, April 13, 2018 http://nownomadic2.com

A description of my current WIP 506 words

Porch People

nownomadic2.com, December 23, 2017 http://nownomadic2.com

Our porches have always been solace 915 words

Away is a Wonderful Word

nownomadic2.com, November 14, 2017 http://nownomadic2.com

A trip down island to Bequia 387 words

For an Entire Year (almost)

nownomadic2.com, November 4, 2017 http://nownomadic2.com

Anticipating a trip to Bequia 168 words

Long May He Reign

2abidingnowhere.com, 2012 http://2abidingnowhere.com (retired)

Bangkok, Thailand. Remembering The King's Birthday. 861 words

The Supremacy of the Desert

Nownomadic2.com, 2/22/19 http://www.nownomadic2.com

A description of a visit to Tinghir, Morrocco

The Beauty of Bosnia

nownomadic2.com, 8/4/19 http://www.nownomadic2.com

A brief summary of a Bosnian experience. This led to the short story Jewels of Mostar

In the Arena

nownomadic2.com, 10/13/19 http://www.nownomadic2.com

A profound experience at the Plaza del Toros, Ronda Spain


A Wedding Song

private party, April, 2018 http://BrianBWilcox@writerfolio.com

A song for our son's wedding use full screen


Abreu's Prize

WIP, 10/20/19

Excerpt from the work in progress. A prequel to TRIO focussing on Roulon Balbozar.


under submission, 5/20/19

First three chapters of the completed novel, TRIO. Now under submission to literary agencies. Contact me for more information.