I Could Come By on Monday

BrianBWilcox, February 2018 http://BrianBWilcox@writerfolio.com

I could come by on Monday

Hold your hand and pray for you

But what good would it do?

What good would it do?


When I come by on Wednesday

You’re a wreck all over again

Your string of troubles never seem to end

They never seem to end


Then I come by on Sunday

And you’re gone with your new friends

You sure know how to pretend

You never were my friend


The days of the week go slippin by

Like something stolen from meek

But the strong survive

The strong survive


They say the meek will inherit the earth

But I think they’ll all die of thirst

Cuz  they refuse to drink from the water of life

From the water of life       

Repeat 1,2,3