Away is a Wonderful Word, November 14, 2017

Away is a Wonderful Word

November 14, 2017

|Brian Wilcox


This much needed getaway from what has become the humdrum for us on Antigua was eagerly anticipated.  The thought of it acted as fuel to keep up the daily grind.  The actualizing of it has not disappointed in the least.  Of course, as we have learned well over the past several years, travel of any sort is never without glitches. And so ours began with the lovely LIAT airlines.  First, from Antigua, our flight to the Barbados link was delayed for no apparent reason.  That's ok, we thought, we have time on the other end.  Then we got there and waited to change planes to the St Vincent link, got into the plane and sat on the blazing hot tarmac for about 3 hours while they tried in vain to "reboot" the engine, and then had to turn off all systems for eons while the inside of that metal tube heated to over 100 degrees.  We finally had to change planes to one that actually worked.

St Vincent was eventually reached and we waited at the Cobblestone Restaurant while just outside, the Vincy sketchiness went on has it does and has.  When we finally arrived at Bequia via the ferry, we were met as agreed by Gideon who brought us to the Bequia Reef House.  We sit high on the forested slope on the windward side of the island receiving the trade winds and drinking in the vistas of the outlying islands including Baliceaux which is for sale.  The beach on Industry Bay below us is mostly deserted and always beautiful with the changing, roiling kaleidoscope of colors.

As we sit up here at this stone house with its wonderful huge rounded wooded doors at every turn of the walls we realize that this is what we should be doing, and not doing the grind.  What profits one to gain the world and lose one's soul?  Well, the saving grace of this part of our grand plan is just only temporary.  As alluded to in the first post we are coming up on a year of steady employment and we continue to stack cash like mad.  Freedom soon come, soon come.

On this perch on beautiful Bequia we strongly feel the winds of change caressing us.