For an Entire Year (almost), November 4, 2017

For an Entire Year (almost)

November 4, 2017

Brian Wilcox

To be in one place for an entire year is now a discomfort.  Although we are making good money here in Antigua, and find the work meaningful most of the time, there is a sense of "wasting" time.  Having had 66 trips round the Sun, I believe I feel this more than Jess at her mere 55.  To add to the discomfort our contract has yet another year on it.  At any rate, enough whinging.

Come this Saturday we fly off to St Vincent and the Grenadines, via layover in Barbados.  From Vincy we will ferry over to Bequia where we have rented a fantastic house overlooking Crescent Beach.  8 days of R&R.  Turtle Sanctuary, Scuba and a charter on Friendship Rose a 100' schooner heading to Tobago Keys...ahhhhhhh, show me to the hammock deck!   There will be time for lounging, writing, photo ops and getting this blog together.  

Stay Tuned, there are great things to come!